Who is My Teacher?

As I look through the four Gospels,  it is clear that Jesus came as Savior to the world.  It’s also clear that in humble gratitude for what He has done to bring the gift of eternal life to me and everyone else, I bow my knee and willingly make Him my Lord and Master.

As I look at Jesus’ life and legacy as shared throughout the Gospels, I am reminded anew that Jesus came as a teacher.  Those who spoke to Jesus addressed Him with the label “Teacher” or “Rabbi” (which translated, means “Teacher”).  Only after Jesus’ disciples understood Him to be Messiah, did they begin to call Him “Lord”.

As I look at my life, I must ask:  whom do I consider my teacher?  To whom do I look up to as an example?  Who can I trust to follow?  Who not only knows the Bible, but lives it out in practical ways each and every day?  Who is the “expert” on life transformation?

  • My parents?
  • My pastor?
  • Godly men and women that I have known?
  • Former and/or current instructors?

The list goes on and on.

Yet, the answer is right before me in the Scriptures.  Jesus wants to be my Teacher.  He came in flesh and blood, God coming down to earth in the form of a human being, to live His life as an example for us to follow.  What better instructor could I ask for?

As I thought about this, I realized that Jesus is the expert on life transformation, from so many aspects:

  • He created life on the first place.
  • He made the redemption plan for us when we willingly turned our backs on Him and did life our way.
  • He came down from heaven, took on flesh and blood, and lived His life as our example.
  • He redeemed us with His own blood on the cross.
  • He sent His Holy Spirit to guide us and encourage us along our life journey.
  • He empowers us and gives us hope for today and the future.

Jesus, You are my Savior.  As such, I humbly and gratefully bow to You as my Lord.  I invite You in to be my Teacher, and come as your disciple, with a teachable spirit, and a desire to learn how to live my life, with You as my teacher and example.

To whom do you look up to as your Teacher?