Countdown to Thanksgiving – Day 11

Let’s face it – 2020 has been a strange year.
But God was not surprised by all the events that have happened.

Would you join me in a four-week countdown to Thanksgiving?
When we stop for a moment, we realize we have much to be thankful for.

23 The steps of a man are established by the Lord,
    when he delights in his way;
24 though he fall, he shall not be cast headlong,
    for the Lord upholds his hand.
25 I have been young, and now am old,
    yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken
    or his children begging for bread.
26 He is ever lending generously,
    and his children become a blessing.
27 Turn away from evil and do good;
    so shall you dwell forever.
28 For the Lord loves justice;
    he will not forsake his saints.
They are preserved forever,
    but the children of the wicked shall be cut off.
29 The righteous shall inherit the land
    and dwell upon it forever.

(Psalm 37:23-29, English Standard Version)

Yesterday, we considered God’s creation and the natural beauty of the great outdoors as something for which we can thank God.

Today, let’s walk alongside King David as he reflects back on the seasons of his life and God’s faithfulness throughout.

In the earlier verses of this psalm, David is likely responding to claims of “life’s not fair!” or “why do the bad guys always have all the fun and live such a good life? That’s not right!”

David offers his advice from many years of walking with God, having many enemies that sought to destroy both him and the nation of Israel.

In the earlier verses of Psalm 37, David tells his listeners to not get worked up about the seeming prosperity of evil people. Instead, David encourages them to stay true to their walk with the Lord. Evil people may have their day, but then their day is over and they are no more.

And why does David feel he can offer this advice? Because he has observed God’s faithfulness over his entire lifetime (v. 25), both in his life and in the lives of many others.

This psalm is full of encouragement and God’s promises to those who walk with Him. Take some time to read the rest of the psalm today – it will lift your heart and remind you of God’s goodness to those who love and follow Him – good medicine for the soul.

Here’s today’s passage from another paraphrase:

23 The steps of the God-pursuing ones
follow firmly in the footsteps of the Lord,
and God delights in every step they take to follow him.
24 If they stumble badly they will still survive,
for the Lord lifts them up with his hands.
25 I was once young, but now I’m old.
Not once have I found a lover of God forsaken by him,
nor have any of their children gone hungry.
26 Instead, I’ve found the godly ones
to be the generous ones who give freely to others.
Their children are blessed and become a blessing.
27 If you truly want to dwell forever in God’s presence,
forsake evil and do what is right in his eyes.
28 The Lord loves it when he sees us walking in his justice.
He will never desert his devoted lovers;
they will be kept forever in his faithful care.
But the descendants of the wicked will be banished.
29 The faithful lovers of God will inherit the earth
and enjoy every promise of God’s care,
dwelling in peace forever.

(Psalm 37:23-29, The Passion Translation)

Lord, thank You for David’s sage words of advice, based on his experience of walking with You and his observations of many others who did likewise.

Lord, thank You for Your faithfulness in caring for us. Even when we slip and fall, Lord, You are there to pick us up, dust us off, and care for us along the way.

Lord, thank You for preserving our families through many generations when we walk with You. You alone are faithful and true; in You and You alone we can put our hopes, dreams, fears, and our very lives.

Lord, when we see wrongs all around us, help us to remember to look to You for justice and mercy for all involved. You love the evildoer as well as the downtrodden, the lost, the forgotten, the voiceless.

Lord, when people ask me about life’s injustices and unfairness, help me to remember David’s words and my own experiences of Your faithfulness, and in the lives of other followers of You.

Help me, Lord, to boldly give testimony to Your goodness and love.


Thanking God for His faithfulness through all seasons of life,