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Introduction to Jeremiah – Part 1

Dear Readers,

Today marks the beginning of a new journey / adventure, as we walk through the Old Testament book of Jeremiah.

The book of Jeremiah covers many topics:

  • historical record
  • prophecy
  • national struggles against enemies
  • personal battles of the heart and mind
  • choices of obedience
  • consequences of disobedience
  • the greatness of God’s love

To better understand the message of Jeremiah, we will spend a few days looking at the historical, spiritual, and political contexts in which Jeremiah labored.

While there are many truths time-bound to Jeremiah’s day,   there are many timeless truths that we can use in our generation and the ages ahead.

One of the key learnings from the book of Jeremiah is that spiritual faithfulness transcends political and economic blessings or misfortune.  This statement in no way picks a political party or idealogue to follow or subscribe.  God clearly says to put Him first, and the rest will take care of itself.

A final note:  this journey through the book of Jeremiah is not as much of a choice as a calling.  I would not willingly or knowingly step into such a massive undertaking without the Lord’s leading and direction.  That being said, when He says “Go!”, then I need to step out in faith and get moving.

Let the adventure begin!


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